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Drug Rehab Center in FLorida

We Stand Out From Other Florida Rehab Centers

Unity Recovery Center is leading the way in substance abuse and addiction treatment services. Located in the heart of Palm Beach County in Florida, Unity has developed a cutting edge approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Most treatment centers have programs that replicate and limit what they offer to their clientele, but at Unity we have set ourselves apart from this repetitive process by incorporating activity based therapy into our clinical programming. Our staff knows the disease of addiction, and they also know that not everyone is the same and we take that in consideration when creating our programs.

Adventure Based Therapeutic Treatment

While at Unity you will receive various types of treatment and service styles that will be molded around your personal issues, not everyone else's. Every week our clients will be engaging in 1 on 1 therapy, small group therapy, and medical and psychiatric services.

In addition, our clinical team will be incorporating a unique approach to treatmeant, called adventure based therapy, into the daily schedule. Clients will engage in various outdoor activities that physically demonstrate emotional and mental philosophies and ideas. Adventure based therapy will include:

By incorporating activity therapy, it allows our licensed clinicians to deeply individualize each clients treatment plan. By engaging in these activities we will better identify underlying issues that can be directly effecting your recovery process.